Quiz: How spoiled is your dog?

Quiz: How spoiled is your dog?


Quiz: How spoiled is your dog?


We show our pets love in many ways from treats and toys to attention and affection. How spoiled is your dog? Take this quiz to find out! Each question that applies to you is worth 1 point. Tally your points and scroll to the end to see your results!

  1. Bought your dog a birthday present
  2. Thrown your dog a birthday party and invited their dog friends
  3. Bought your dog a freshly baked treat from a dog bakery 
  4. Spent more money to get your dog groomed than your own haircut
  5. Had Skipper visit your best friend while you’re at work 
  6. Had Skipper come to visit more than once a day 
  7. Shared your Skipper visit report with co-workers
  8. Moved to an apartment or house just because of the yard or dog park
  9. Plan vacations so you can take your dog with you 
  10. Planned a dog playdate for your dog 
  11. Your dog has their own Instagram account
  12. Your dog has more than 2 sets of collars and leashes 
  13. Your dog has holiday-themed bandanas and accessories
  14. You let your dog sleep in your bed with you 
  15. You take them to the pet store so they can pick out their own toy
  16. You’ve had professional photos taken of your dog
  17. You have a jar of peanut butter in the pantry that is JUST for your dog 
  18. You regularly hold conversations with your dog 
  19. You use a high pitched voice to get your dog excited 
  20. You pet your dog until your arms are tired 
  21. You regularly boop their nose, give belly rubs, and ear scratches 
  22. Your dog has more than 5 nicknames 
  23. You’ve canceled social plans to hang out with your dog instead 
  24. You plan your weekends around what you want to do with your dog
  25. You feel guilty for leaving your dog home alone even for a short time

See your results below!

0-5 points: Well-balanced Pup

Your dog is a well-balanced pup! You show your dog love by your actions and affection more than gifts and treats. Toys come and go but your love is forever.

5-10 points: Content Canine

Your dog is a content canine. Their toy basket is always full and your dog probably gets gifts on major holidays. You treat them to gifts and adventures on occasion to make them feel special but you don’t buy a new dog toy every time you stop at the pet store to grab dog food.

10-15 points: Primped Pet

Your dog is a primped pet. They get unlimited attention and belly rubs and probably have a special spot on the couch and in your heart. The treats and toys flow freely!

15-20 points: Frilly Furball

Your dog is a frilly furball! You work hard so your dog can have a better life. You’re probably saving to buy a house, not for you but for a backyard for your fur baby. You try to get them the best of everything but you know they are just happy to spend time with you.

20-25 points: Opulent Doggo

Your dog is super spoiled! They live a life of luxury and never want for anything. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to your best friend. But you know what – they deserve it! 

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