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About Us

We're pet people who love tech
• Here's how we're providing the best dog care •
Skiptown's team of dog lovers who specialize in technology and dog care.

About Us

We're pet people who love tech
• Here's how we're providing the best dog care •
Skiptown's team of dog lovers who specialize in technology and dog care.
Dogs are Family

If you have a dog, you know what we mean. Today, there are more people with dogs than without. We are a country of dog parents and most of us are under 35 years old.

Our lives are supported by innovations in technology. We track the status of our grocery deliveries in real-time and order car rides from our phone. The services we use are customized for us – and we expect that – in everything, except our pet care. 

With pet care, we don’t get the insights, the convenience, the reliability, the transparency, that we do with everything else. When it comes to pet care, it’s still a lot of clipboards and bad websites. Until now.

What sets us apart


Our Technology

We build tech that makes it easy for you to do pet parent things like schedule visits and read pup’s report.


Our People

We hire and train experts in feline and canine behavior who share our values and a love for their job.


Our Process

We run our operations scalably using good business practices that respect and support all our staff.

what we stand for
Rooted in Quality

Care deeply. Take pride in your work.

Create adventure from the inside out

Spot new colors in all places. Surprise and delight.

Ride the scooter in 
the rain

Be scrappy. Be resourceful. Do whatever it takes.

Head to Weather

Be deliberate. Embark without fear. Course correct often.

Pioneer, Together

Empower from within. Blaze the trail for others to follow.

Integrity above all

Be a steward of the home and the family. Make yourself worthy of the trust you seek.

Personalized pet care

We provide care matched to your pet’s specific needs. The philosophy of our pet care program focuses on knowing everything about your dog and creating a personalized enrichment program for your dog to fit their specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. 

Our technology supports that knowledge exchange across our entire staff so everyone on our team can deliver customized care to each and every pup. Our mobile app makes it easy for you – our human client – to track your dog’s updates and see what she’s learning and doing and who her friends are. Through our app, you can reserve and manage your visits – you can even schedule a pick-up and drop-off for your dog!

A dog park employee plays ball with a dog in Charlotte, NC
A happy American Pit Bull Terrier at a dog bar in Charlotte, NC
This is about a great experience for your dog, and for you

We are pioneers in personalized, cutting edge dog care — we also provide that same experience when you want to bring your dog out to socialize with you at one of our dog friendly places.

We offer a private, indoor/outdoor, off leash dog park and bar meant for dogs and their people to socialize and have fun. 

You can easily order a beer without having to wait in line at the bar. So you can spend more time hanging out with friends while your dog runs around with his.

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Founder and CEO of Skipper
A 'hiya' from our founder

I’m Meggie, founder & CEO of Skipper.

This all began back in 2016 when my husband I started looking for a dog walker for our two pups, Stinson and Khumbu. 

We wanted a reliable pet care service we could trust to come into our home and take care of our pups during the work day. Our busy schedules would often change last-minute, so being able to easily book visits same-day was really important to us. Come to find out… convenience, reliability, and love that matched our own love for our pups would be impossible to find. 

We’d run out of options, and I decided if I could’t find what I was looking for… a pet care service that could accommodate our modern lifestyle… then I’d build it myself. Skipper was born, and, since then, I’ve made it my life mission to bring trust, adventure, and peace of mind to other pet parents like us. 

What started as a one-person dog walking business has expanded to a team of over 90 Skippers (dog walkers) and brick-and-mortar facilities, including the first on-site pet care facility in an apartment community, and the first tech-enabled social play venture built for pups and their people. 

A personal frustration turned into a passion for building the highest end pet care and social experience. A place where trust and transparency guide the client experience. Where the ease of cutting-edge technology, and a clean and safe place to give you peace of mind and a chance for you and your pup to get your wiggles out. After all, we’re not just dog-friendly…. we’re dog-focused.

Welcome to Skiptown. We’re really glad you’re here.

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