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Get ready for the same convenience, reliability, and trust you’ve come to expect from Skiptown pet care — now with dog grooming in Charlotte, NC


Skiptown dog grooming services are done by professional dog groomers who will love your pup almost as much as you do.

Bath & blow outs for all breeds

Scrub-a-dub-dub! A relaxing bath, blow dry, and brush out to get your pup cleaned up and feeling fresh.

Touch ups for furry faces, feet, and fannies

Matted ears? Fuzzy feet? A touch up includes a bath & blow out plus a trim around the face, paws, and sanitary areas.

Breed-specific and custom cut & style

Show pup alert! A cut & style includes a bath & blow out plus a customized all-over cut or outline trim in any style you choose. Yes — you can provide inspo photos!

Grooming add-ons

Treat your dog’s skin, coat, teeth, and nails with our grooming extras.

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A woman smiling while giving a dog a bath

Ready to get started?

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That’s right — enjoyable

You know how you feel great after a fresh haircut? Your dog does, too. Grooming CAN be like a spa day for them. It should be a good experience.

Here are a few of the ways we keep your pup comfortable and happy:

  • We’re constantly paying attention to each dog’s behavior and looking for ways to make the experience better. We give them breaks when needed. We’re tuned into how they’re feeling.
  • We don’t bring in a ton of dogs at once and stick them in kennels. You’ll have a scheduled drop off time, and we’ll call you as soon as your pup is ready. Your dog isn’t sitting in a crate with a dozen other dogs barking loudly around them all day.
  • Baths are warm and relaxing for pups.
  • Our grooming tables have anti-fatigue mats for comfort.
  • We use premium, salon-quality shampoos — the best of the best. (We also have specialty shampoos available!) 
  • Even the dryer feels like a massage. Human hair dryers dry with heat. A force dryer pushes the water away. This helps with shedding (it blows out the undercoat) and feels good on your pup’s skin.
  • They get treats and water while they’re with us. 
  • You’re welcome to bring some of your dog’s comforts from home! Is your pup allergic to peanut butter, or is there another treat they love? Great! Bring their treats. Does your dog need a toy in the bath? No problem. Bring a toy.
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Pricing is based on the amount of time required, groom type, services chosen, and your dog’s size, coat type, and coat condition. We’ll provide a price estimate when you book!

X-small breeds

Bath & Blow Out
$35 – $55

Touch Up
$50 – $70

Cut & Style
$70 – $90

Small Breeds

Bath & Blow Out
$35 – $55

Touch Up
$55 – $75

Cut & Style
$70 – $90

Medium breeds

Bath & Blow Out 
$40 – $60

Touch Up
$60 – $80

Cut & Style
$70 – $90

Large breeds

Bath & Blow Out
$45 – $65

Touch Up
$60 – $80

Cut & Style
$80 – $100

X-large breeds

Bath & Blow Out
$50 – $70

Touch Up
$70 – $90

Cut & Style
$85 – $105

Meet Our Groomers

Amber Whitten

Originally from Virginia, Amber moved with her family to South Carolina and began her grooming career in 2017. She has a special talent for working with Australian Shepherds, earning her the nickname "Aussie whisperer." When not grooming, Amber enjoys hiking with her Aussie, Sebastian, and exploring the mountains. Her expertise includes fine scissor work, big teddy bear faces, and de-shedding treatments.

Lizzy Andrews

Lizzy, originally from Florida, attended the University of Central Florida before moving to Charlotte to pursue her passion for dogs full-time. As a dog groomer at Skiptown, she specializes in Golden Retriever outline trims. In her spare time, Lizzy enjoys traveling with her husband, walking her Golden Retriever, Winnie, and reading.

Miranda Hardwick

Miranda, a lifelong North Carolinian, started her grooming career at 18 and has been grooming for 11 years. Trained in Pittsburgh, PA, she brings meticulous attention to detail to her work at Skiptown. At home, she is a mother of three and a fur mama to Felony and Leia. Miranda loves grooming Australian cattle dogs, Shih Tzus, hounds, and poodles, and enjoys family walks to the park.

Kaleigh Thompson

Kaleigh hails from a small town in Upstate South Carolina and made her way to Charlotte, NC, in January 2024. She resides in the University Area with her boyfriend, dog Lennie, and cats Layla, Buddy, and Nyxie. Growing up surrounded by a variety of animals, she always knew she wanted to work with them. This passion led her to dog grooming, where she finds joy in grooming all breeds, with a special fondness for standard poodles.

Reece Bailey

A Charlotte native, Reece has a passion for riding horses and watching dragon-themed movies. As a versatile groomer at Skiptown, she prides herself on meeting the diverse needs of her clients' pets. Ask and you shall receive with Reece's well-rounded grooming skills.

Tami Estep

Tami began her grooming journey in Texas in 1999 and has since become a Master Groomer and Skin Care Specialist. As Skiptown's Grooming Coach, she is more than a groomer—she is a pet stylist who brings out each dog's personality with a fitting haircut. Tami specializes in Terriers, hand stripping, scissors work, and creative grooming, and loves educating both the team and clients.

Maria Teresa Sanz

María Sanz, originally from Venezuela, has been in the U.S. for 13 years and brings 8 years of dog grooming experience to Skiptown. She has a deep love for nature and animals and enjoys practicing meditation and Reiki. María excels in grooming all breeds, with a special affinity for Golden Retrievers, Yorkies, and Doodles.


Our number one priority is to make sure your dog is comfortable and happy. Our second priority? To make the experience as convenient as possible for you, their parent.

  • Scheduling is easy. Once your pup’s profile is set up in the Skiptown app, you’ll be able to schedule grooming and leave notes for their groomer all within the app.
  • See how your pup did. After their appointment, you’ll see your pup’s grooming report in the app. Your groomer will share notes about how they did, and before and after photos!
  • Remember what you and your pup liked, and didn’t like. Since we keep all notes in the app, we’ll be able to reference notes from past grooms each time your pup visits. You’ll be able to say things like, “let’s go shorter than last time” or, “I can’t remember if he disliked the nail trim or not.” And we’ll have the answer at our fingertips.
  • Drop-off and pick-up are easy peasy. You’ll simply drop your pup off at the scheduled grooming appointment time, then we’ll give you a call when they’re ready to come home! No guesswork or wondering when they’re done. 
  • Schedule a boarding exit bath. Bringing your dog for boarding? Schedule an exit bath for them on the last day they’re with us, and pick up a fresh and happy pup!


A very good white dog having her teeth brushed by a charlotte dog groomer
Is Skiptown already your pup’s favorite place? Perfect. That means you’ve already got their profile all set up. You can book dog grooming appointments through the app.

You’ll be able to choose the type of groom and any special add-ons when you book. And you’ll pay right through the app, as well! Your one-stop pup barbershop.

To bring your pup to Skiptown in Charlotte for grooming, they’ll need to be up-to-date on bordetella, distemper/parvo, and rabies vaccinations. Vaccination records can be uploaded directly to your pet’s profile in the Skiptown app.

We care about your dog. We’re not just grooming your dog. There’s a thought process and reasoning behind why we do what we do with each dog. We care about what happens to your dog after you leave here. And we care about your lifestyle and ease of maintaining their coat.

Get STarted
through our app

To book dog grooming at Skiptown Charlotte, you’ll need to download our app and register your pet. You can also book daycare, boarding, and home services all from our app. Get on board and schedule your dog’s grooming services quicker than they get the peanut butter out of the KONG.

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Grooming FAQs

Welcome to Skiptown! The first step to getting your dog set up to use our grooming services is downloading the Skiptown app. After you download the app, you should create an account and complete your dog’s profile. The app will prompt you through the registration process. Be sure to have your vet records handy! After your pup’s profile is completed, you’ll be able to schedule a grooming appointment for your dog.

We have a cancellation policy because our groomers make commission on every appointment. Cancellation is free before 8am the day before your appointment. For cancellations after 8am the day before your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the service price. For same-day cancellations, you will be charged the full service price. Arrival more than 20 minutes after your appointment drop-off time will be considered a same-day cancellation.

Drop-off and pick-up are easy peasy:

  • Drop your pup off at the scheduled appointment time
  • Pick them up within an hour of their scheduled end time! (You’ll get your scheduled pick-up time when you book the appointment!)
  • You can also schedule grooming to take place during your pup’s boarding or daycare visit, and drop them off and pick them up at normal times!

If you need to reschedule or adjust your grooming appointment, reach out to or text (704) 343-6658 and our support team will be happy to help.

Previous grooming appointments can be seen in the Skiptown app. Once the app is open, click the Calendar tab, and select the date of your previous appointment. After opening your appointment, you will see the report from your previous groomer, photos of your pup, and any recommendations they provided.

We strive to make all pups comfortable throughout the grooming process by moving at their pace and, if approved, incentivizing them with peanut butter treats. We take breaks if needed and remain tuned into how the dog is feeling at all times. If at any time we feel that a groom cannot be safely completed, we will stop immediately and call.

Our support team is working hard to update vaccines when they come in, but occasionally there is a delay in our processing. To check on your dog’s vaccine uploads, text (704) 343-6658 and our support team will be happy to help.

Yes! Intact dogs are welcome to use our grooming services. We only require that they are at least 16 weeks old and up to date on vaccinations.

Skiptown’s recommended grooming depends on your dog’s breed and coat. As a general guideline, short-haired dogs usually only need a Bath & Blow Out. Dogs that require a small amount of trimming can select Touch Up. Any dog that requires a full haircut or trimming on their entire body should select Cut & Style. If your dog requires a service that wasn’t selected, our groomers will adjust as necessary.

Shed control is a solution offered to any dog with excessive shedding. This service involves using high-speed drying before and after your dog’s bath with specialty shampoo, conditioner, and brushes designed to remove excess fur.

Pricing is based on the amount of time required, groom type, services chosen, and your dog’s size, coat type, and coat condition. We’ll provide a price estimate when you book!

Keep in mind, that different dogs require different types of services to meet the needs of their coat and lifestyle. Our dog grooming team will make sure you’re set up with a customized offering specifically designed to fit your pup’s needs!

The number one thing you can do is brush your dog every day! You brush your hair every day, and you should brush your dog’s hair every day too. More frequent baths will also help. If you use good products, dogs can get bathed every week, and it’s very beneficial for their skin, coat health, and shedding. For breeds that shed a lot, weekly baths will reduce the amount of shedding at home. For dogs with heavy coats, more frequent baths help remove undercoats which helps with shedding and also helps them regulate their body temperature.

Yes! We can do any breed-specific cut. One thing to keep in mind is that for mixes, like Goldendoodles, a standard breed-specific cut doesn’t exist, because doodles are not actually a “standard breed.” Each doodle is different. Some have tighter coils, some are longer-haired, and so on. We’re happy to find a style that works for your pup’s coat and your lifestyle!

We only shave dogs if it’s absolutely necessary. If they’re too matted and we can’t cut or brush the mats out, we may have to shave. In order to prevent this, we recommend getting into the habit of regularly brushing your dog at home and bringing them in for grooming more regularly!

Yes — and this is for your pup’s safety. The loops do not hurt them! They help our groomers make sure dogs don’t jump off the table in the middle of their groom.

Grooming is an essential part of maintaining your dog’s overall health and appearance. While many pet owners choose to take their furry friends to professional groomers, others prefer to groom their dogs at home. If you’re considering grooming your dog at home, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.  You can read our article here that will go indepth for aspiring home dog groomers.

As a loving pet owner, you want to keep your dog looking and feeling their best. Regular grooming sessions with professional dog groomers are essential for maintaining your furry friend’s coat and overall health. However, it’s also crucial to care for your dog’s coat in between grooming appointments to ensure they stay clean, tangle-free, and comfortable.   You can read our article here on keeping your dog’s coat clean between your trips to Skiptown for professional dog grooming.

At Skiptown, we offer a full range of professional dog grooming services to ensure your pup stays healthy and happy.


You can read more about what makes our services unique – and why people choose us when it comes to dog grooming services.