10 Must-Have Charlotte Mobile Apps from Public Transportation to Dog Walking Apps

An image of Charlotte, NC, where a dog park and dog training and boarding facility is located

10 Must-Have Charlotte Mobile Apps from Public Transportation to Dog Walking Apps

An image of Charlotte, NC, where a dog park and dog training and boarding facility is located

10 Must-Have Charlotte Mobile Apps from Public Transportation to Dog Walking Apps


Charlotte is growing and changing every day, but that shouldn’t mean it has to be impossible to navigate. Grab your smartphone and download these mobile apps that will help you get the most out of the Queen City. Discover local, regional, and national apps that create an easy-to-access, user-friendly Charlotte. From a dog walking app to food delivery apps, your phone will reach a new level of function with these 10 must-have Charlotte mobile apps.

1. CMLibrary App | On-The-Go Library

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is an urban public library system, serving the Greater Charlotte area. The CMLibrary app allows library cardholders to access literature and resources on the go. One user claimed, “[The CMLibrary app] has revolutionized, reenergized, and reconnected me to the vast world of literature through audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts and more which, quite literally, now sit at my fingertips. Personally, I love the Hoopla app which, when activated by my Charlotte Mecklenburg library number, allows me to access and download titles to my device with ease & the best part…it’s totally free.” If you’re a Charlotte resident and love to read, this app is for you.

2. Charlotte Light Rail App | LYNX Blue Line

The LYNX Blue Line is the Charlotte area’s 10 mile long light rail service, operating from I-485 at South Boulevard to Uptown Charlotte. The Light Rail provides a congestion-free commute with consistent travel time, stopping at 15 stations to ensure you can get to your destination in a timely and efficient manner. In the app you can find your nearest rail station, see when the next train is coming and how long the wait will be, get driving or walking directions to the stations, and see the full inbound and outbound schedules. The app also allows you to pay for your travels so you don’t miss your train while you’re waiting for the ticket kiosk to process your payment. Travel has never been easier!

3. Skipper Pets App | On-Demand Dog Walking App

Come home to a happy dog with the Skipper app. This dog walking app offers on-demand dog walking and pet care service in Charlotte. Every pet owner has a moment when they can’t give their pet(s) the attention they need. Skipper is there for you and your furry friend when you can’t be. Skipper team members (W2 employees, not contractors) give your pet(s) all of the love and attention you would, and you can follow along on the visit from the Skipper app. With the tech-enabled dog walking app, you can get real-time updates including a visit summary report, GPS tracking, pet photos and comments from your Charlotte dog walker.

4. YMCA of Greater Charlotte App | Personalized Fitness

Driving down Morehead St. during rush-hour is quite a feat in itself. Add in the traffic turning into the Dowd Y parking lot and you might want to find a new route or, you can join the crowd! The Greater Charlotte YMCA has 20 branches in the Charlotte area and is the place for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Download the app and login with your YMCA membership number to gain access to a digital membership card, social media platforms, fitness goals, and challenges. Use the app to find your gym’s class schedule, connect with your fellow gym buddies, and track your fitness. The app keeps you connected across all of the Charlotte branches

5. Bird/Lime Apps | Electric Scooter Ride-Share

If you’ve spent any time in Charlotte, you’ve seen people zooming around on electric scooters. No, this isn’t 2005 when your cool neighbors had electric scooters and you were left in the dust with your ankle-torturing Razor; these people do not own personal scooters, they rent them using a ride-sharing app. The Bird and Lime apps are a must-have if you commute to work, like to buzz around with friends, or just don’t want to pay for parking. From riding around the streets of Uptown to strolling to breweries along the Light Rail, these apps let you explore Charlotte in a new way. Download the app, tap to find a scooter near you, scan the code and zip to your destination.

6. Cloosiv App | Local Coffee and Rewards

Charlotte is full of local coffee shops and a new one seems to pop up every week. (Check out one of our newest favorites in Third Ward.) Cloosiv connects local people with local coffee shops. On the app you can order from your favorite local coffee shop ahead of time and earn rewards when you do. Cloosiv provides customers with order ahead and pick-up app that nurtures Charlottean loyalty and lattes, lots of lattes. Discover coffee shops around you, purchase food and drinks, never wait in lines, and earn rewards that can be redeemed at any Cloosiv coffee shop. Can’t find your go-to coffee shop? Refer your favorite local caffeine spot to be listed on the Cloosiv app.

7. Atrium Health Apps | Personalized Health Management

Atrium Health, the not-for-profit hospital system of the Carolinas, offers a network of health apps that can help you track and manage your health. The network of apps includes Atrium Directories, Atrium Health Symptom Tracker, MyAtriumHealth, Levine Children’s, Atrium Teammates, Atrium Health Virtual Visit, MyAtriumHealth Tracker, The Amazings, and Charlotte AHEC. If you or a loved one are a patient at Atrium, use these apps to set maps of the hospitals, manage your appointment, track your health and your symptoms, and prepare for your future visits. Having access to your hospital system in the digital space is changing the way you stay healthy.

8. Spiffy App | On-Demand Car Care

The pollen count is at an all-time high this Spring leaving every car in Charlotte covered with an unwelcome yellow dusting. Thankfully Spiffy will come and wash your car right in your driveway! The Spiffy team brings their own water, power, and cleaning supplies – all you need to provide is a dirty car. They offer mobile car washing, oil changes, and diagnostics. On the app you can stay up-to-date with your vehicle’s maintenance and car wash needs, as well as safety recall alerts. Spiffy is eco-friendly, provides greener oil-changes, and guarantees satisfaction from their trusted and professional service. Schedule your service using the app and your car will be #SpiffyClean in no time.

9. Postmates App | Food Delivery

Some nights you don’t feel like cooking dinner but don’t want to go out to eat either, thankfully Postmates delivers the food you want right to your front door. With the Postmates app you can choose from about 100 restaurants in the Charlotte area and, at the click of a button, your order will magically appear (with the help of a Postmates driver, sort of like a ride-share driver.) Choose where you want to eat, order off the menu, and continue watching Netflix until your doorbell rings. Postmates will deliver your favorite food to your house, office, dorm, the park, the gym, or anywhere! Wherever you are, whatever you want to eat, Postmates has your back.

10 . Ride CATS/CATS Pass Apps | Charlotte Area Transit System

The Charlotte Area Transit System, CATS, is the public transit system in Charlotte. It operates bus and rail services around the Charlotte Metropolitan area, including a rapid bus transit line, the Light Rail line, and the CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar. The Ride CATS app provides real-time information that is derived from GPS technologies located on all CATS and LYNX vehicles. Gain direct access to CATS customer service, CATS police, and emergency help. Save your favorite stops and stations and set alerts to let you know when your ride is near. The CATS Pass app also gives you access to mobile ticketing. Scan your phone when you board a train or bus and enjoy the ride.

We may not be able to make the intersection of Queens, Queens, Providence, and Providence any less confusing, but this list will certainly add some ease to your life in the QC. Download these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store and transform the way you experience Charlotte!

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