Artist Spotlight: Sydney Duarte

Our first artist in our Skiptown mural series is Sydney Duarte of Duarte Designs, a mother-daughter artist duo spreading positive messages through hand-crafted, original art. Sydney is a certified yoga instructor and ice cream’s biggest fan. She’s also the power house behind Traveling Gypsy.  How did you get into painting murals? I’ve been painting since […]

Winter Pet Safety Tips

Pup enjoying Skiptown's in home pet care.

Winter is in full-swing here in the Queen City! For most people, the cold season means ice skating, snow angels, and hot chocolate, but it also means ice, low temperatures, and harsh weather conditions. Make sure your pup is well taken care of with these helpful winter pet safety tips! Know Your Pup’s Limits Dogs come […]

Quiz: How spoiled is your dog?

We show our pets love in many ways from treats and toys to attention and affection. How spoiled is your dog? Take this quiz to find out! Each question that applies to you is worth 1 point. Tally your points and scroll to the end to see your results! Bought your dog a birthday present […]

10 Must-Have Charlotte Mobile Apps from Public Transportation to Dog Walking Apps

Charlotte is growing and changing every day, but that shouldn’t mean it has to be impossible to navigate. Grab your smartphone and download these mobile apps that will help you get the most out of the Queen City. Discover local, regional, and national apps that create an easy-to-access, user-friendly Charlotte. From a dog walking app […]

A Day in the Life of a Dog Walker in Charlotte, NC

It’s 5:00 AM, my alarm buzzes once, and my eyelids bounce open. I’m eager to start my day (without coffee because I’m naturally caffeinated on life) so I hop out of bed and lace up my Nikes. I run down the block to my first walk of the day, pick up the pup, and stroll […]

Ways to Volunteer at Your Local Charlotte Dog Rescue

Volunteering at an animal shelter can be extremely rewarding, educational and fun – especially when it’s at your local Charlotte dog rescue. Giving up part of your day to take a dog for a walk or to give a pup a quality tummy scratch can have a large impact on the lives of shelter animals, […]

7 Ways to Beat Doggy Boredom

Think about your daily routine. You wake up, get dressed, and leave the house for work, errands, social outings, among other things. Then you come home to your dog who is SO excited to see you… and who also might have chewed on some things they shouldn’t have while you were gone. Your pup is home alone […]

The Evolution of Dogs

Dogs are such a integral part of lives that it is hard to imagine a time when weren’t starting Instagram accounts for them or feeding them organic homemade dog treats or sending them to doggie day care. And, although our four-legged best friends may not have always been given the same kind of royal treatment […]

Frozen Treats To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat

Ahh, summer in the South, a time when our desire to be outside enjoying events that end with fireworks is only outweighed by our desire to not melt into a puddle on the sizzling hot sidewalk. However, don’t worry fellow southerners, it should start to cool down around Thanksgiving. In the summer, we humans tend […]

Four Ways to Use Essential Oils With Dogs

This is a guest post written by Real Food Carolyn at! Essential oils aren’t just for people! Our beloved fur babies can also benefit. Here are my four favorites ways to use essential oils with our pup. CALM THE CRAZIES :: Our Charley is a pretty low-key pup but when we travel by car he […]