Skiptown Covid Safety Update

Skiptown Covid Safety Update


Skiptown Covid Safety Update



Our bar will be closed today (Sun, 2/14) through Tue, 2/16, and will reopen again on Wed, 2/17.

Daycare, boarding, and dog walking services will remain open!


A message from Meggie Williams, our CEO and founder. 

To our Charlotte family,

We had another team member test positive for COVID. This team member was not actively working at the bar at any time but had brief contact with the bar side. We are trying to keep everyone safe, both team and clients. We’re doing what we believe is right by closing the bar down again until Wednesday, 2/17, when we’ll have everyone re-tested and the bar facility fully sanitized again. 

One of our six core values is “Integrity Above All”. We describe that value as “Being a steward of the home and the family. Making yourself worthy of the trust you seek.” This pandemic has been hard for every business, and like every other business in Charlotte, we want to be here for the long haul. For us, being here for the long haul means we need to be worthy of your trust and our team’s trust, every single day.

It is our policy to have all team members wear masks at all times. We clean and sanitize every surface multiple times each day. We are a bar and a gathering place, and we will only choose to continue operation because we’re adding value to the community, not detracting from it. 

At this point, we need a few days to get back on track, confirm our team is healthy and willing to work and our facility is fully sanitized. Fortunately, our pet care staff is isolated from our bar staff and operates independently. Daycare and boarding services will remain open.

We will be rescheduling the Corgi meet-up and our Valentines Day collaboration with Kenny Barnes and Halfway There Rescue. 

We love you, Charlotte. Thanks for sticking by us as we, along with the rest of the business community, try to navigate this pandemic. We’re looking forward to being back and reopening the bar on Wednesday. We’ll be fully transparent and open with you as we work to figure this out.

Stay well!

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