Skiptown CLT
222 Rampart Street, Charlotte, NC 28203
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Jul 16 2024
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

2000’s Trivia

No matter what age you may be, the turn of the century was a big deal for everyone. The internet was just getting started, sitcoms were being phased out to make room for different kinds of entertainment (i.e., “The Office”), and Apple was breaking the market.

Do you think you can recall all there is to know about the 2000s? Get your thinking cap out, and join us as we dive back into this age of history. We’re spinning some wicked tracks, recalling some impressive pieces of technology, and exploring all of the celebrity drama that unfolded during this decade. Think you can keep up and crown yourself the champ of the century turn?

Grab your iDog & join us this Tuesday at 6:30p at 2000’s trivia!